JoeBill Muñoz is a Mexican-American documentary filmmaker and a 2020 Sundance Ignite Fellow. His directorial debut, Follow the Sun, captures the stories of Central Americans making their way to the US through Mexico. Follow the Sun was released by NBC, screened in festivals across the country, and nominated for the David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award by the IDA. In 2019, Muñoz was an associate producer on an Emmy-nominated Frontline investigation, Kids Caught in the Crackdown, about the for profit mass detention of migrant children in the US. 

As a producer, cinematographer, and journalist he has worked for The Investigative Reporting Program, The Associated Press, KQED, and ESPN. He's currently working on a feature documentary in collaboration with Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, and producing an independent feature about the largest hunger strike in US history.


In 2018, he was awarded a fellowship by the Overseas Press Club and the Walter and Betsy Cronkite scholarship. He holds a master's degree in Documentary Filmmaking from UC Berkeley.


joebillmunoz at gmail dot com


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